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Urine Analyzer


Urine Analyzer

Parameters Detected

  • Parameters: BIL, URO, KET, VC, GLU, PRO, BLD, PH, NIT, LEU, SG, MALB, CRE, Ca

Work Principle

Reflectance Photometer

Product Features

  • LCD displayer and menu-driven interface

  • Long-life, high brightness and cold light source

  • New type optical sensors: high sensitivity and accuracy, good anti-interference ability

  • Automatically correct pH effect to the result of Specific Gravity

  • Built-in high speed, low noise thermal printer,External printer connectable

  • RS-232C interface for data exchanging and system software updating

  • Storage of 1000 results

  • 3 types of results report units: Arbitrary, SI and Conventional

  • USB port connection and LIS connection

Technical Parameters

  • Parameters: BIL, URO, KET, VC, GLU, PRO, BLD, pH, NIT, LEU, SG, MALB, CRE, Ca

  • Wavelengths: 470nm, 540nm, 620nm

  • Principle: Reflectance photometry

  • Test Mode: Single step mode, 60 tests/hour or 120 tests/hour

  • Strips: 11,12,14 parameter optional

  • Throughput: 60 tests/hour or 120 tests/hour

  • Displayer: 192*64dot-matrix LCD

  • Storage: 1000results

  • Printing: built-in thermal printers, or external printer optional

  • Serial port: RS-232C, DB9 male

  • Working Temperature: 10-30℃

  • Relative Humidity: ≤70%

  • Working Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz±1Hz

  • Power: <30VA

  • Dimensions: 253*237*171mm

  • Weight: 3kg

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