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Urine Formed Elements Analyzer


CE Marked;10-tube rack forwarding sampler, compatible with AVE-752 Automatic Urine Analyzers and customized for medium/large-sized laboratories.

Parameters Detected

  • All types of Urine Formed Elements are classified and counted, with automatic erythrocytes morphological analysis available and real images and statistical diagrams displayable and printable;

  •  It is connectable to Automatic Urine Analyzers and a comprehensive report is generated;

  • Urine physical indexes are reportable;

Work Principle

Use automated morphological microscopy technology to capture real images of urine formed elements, and then locate and track, recognize, classify and count them

Product Features

  • Made strictly according to ISLH Recommended Reference Procedure for the Enumeration of Particles in Urine;

  • Un-centrifuged urine samples at cutoff concentration level of 3-5cell/µl are detectable;

  • Automatic sampling system with liquid level detection;

  • Automatic recognition, classification and quantitation of urine formed elements;

  • Precise erythrocytes morphological analysis helps to determine the source of hematuria;

  • Real whole view-field microscopic images of urine formed elements are presented;

  • Automatic notice of verification and on-screen verification, no additional microscopic review needed;

  • Characteristic parameters of urine formed elements are available for further clinical research;

  • Standardized and confirmatory analysis report with both images and diagrams available;

  • Self-learning ability continuously improves the recognition accuracy;

  • Unique morphological quality control available;

  • Unidirectional or bidirectional interface with LIS/HIS;

  • Software and language upgrades by USB stick;

  • Combinable with automatic urine analyzers, customized for medium or large-sized laboratories;

Technical Parameters

Auto-detected Urine Formed Elements:  Normal red blood cells (NRBC), Abnormal red blood cells (ARBC), White blood cells (WBC), Casts (CAST), Epithelial cells( EPI), Yeast (YST), Crystals (CRYS), Mucus (MUC) and Bacteria (BAC).Further sub-classification is available with manual on-screen verification!

Magnification:  Standard 10X & 40X images

Memory:  Min. 200,000 results (including all images captured)

Min. Sample volume:  2.0 ml

Sample level detection:  Yes

Max. Sample loading number:  6 racks of 10 tubes

Throughput:  Up to 80 tests / hour (764A), up to 100 tests / hour (764C), up to 120 tests / hour (764B)

Built-in Computer:  Yes

Built-in Barcode reader:  Yes

Printer:  Laser, external, optional

Interfaces:  USB, RS232, LAN

Dimensions (main unit):  680 x 650 x 545mm (L x D x H)

Weight (main unit):  59kg

Power (main unit):  100-240V~50/60Hz, 450VA

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