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Advanced and Reliable Compact
Immunoassay Analyzer


Easy and Expeditious,
Economical and Environmental-friendly

Product Features

  • Multi Channels - 6 channels to test continuously

  • Robust - One-Key switch

  • Easy to Operate - 10.1 inch touch screen with wins10 operation system

  • Intelligent - Trend chart of patient test records

  • Zero Pollution - With discard holder provided

Product Specifications

  • Principle

          Fluorescent immunochromatography

  • Specimen

        ​Whole Blood/ Serum/ Plasma/ Urine

  • Power adapter


  • Interface

        RS232, USB, Ethernet (Direct connection to LIS / HIS)

  • Information input

        Touch screen, barcode reader

  • Printer

​         Built-in thermal printer​​​

  • Data Storage

         300,000 test records automatically storage

  • Incubation temperature


  • Size


  • Weight


FLI-600Test Markers

Screenshot 2023-09-01 213003.png

Test Procedure

Screenshot 2023-09-01 215930.png
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