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Purifier 32

Magnetic Particle Processor
Genfine P32_edited.png

Product Description

The Purifier 32 magnetic particle processor is designed
for automated transfer and processing of magnetic particles in
microplate format. The patented technology of the Purifier 32 system is based on the use of magnetic rods covered with a disposable, specially designed tip comb and plates. The instrument functions without any
dispensing or aspiration parts or devices.

Samples and reagents, including magnetic particles, are dispensed into the plates according to the corresponding instructions.

The protocol that is selected by the user via touchscreen has already been transferred onto the onboard software. GENFINE Purifier 32 Software can be used to create and run protocols.

Product Features

  • High throughput

  • Huge kit portfolio

  • Prefilled 96-well plates

  • Easy to set up and run

  • No cross contamination

Product Specifications

Principle of Operation

Kits Selection

Kits Selection_edited.png
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