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Compact, Automatic, Flexible, Reliable


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Product Features

  • Minimal size with built-in

  • Auto reagent ID & level detection

  • Random assays & STAT

  • Minimized error and maintenance

Product Specification

​Methods: End-point, fixed time, kinetic, turbidimetry

Throughput: Up to 100 tests/hr


Sample volume: 2 - 50 μL, stepping at 0.1 μL


Reagent position: 45 positions


Sample types: Whole blood / serum / plasma / urine


Sample container types: Primary tube: ø 12-13 mm × 70-100 mm Micro cup: ø

12 mm × 37 mm


Display: 10.4-inch color touch screen


Photometer: 6V/10W halogen tungsten lamp


Printer: Built-in thermal printer


Reaction disk: 8 x 10 cuvettes


Net weight: 35kg


Dimensions: 540mm x 328mm x 515mm

Assays Available

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