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Table Top Low-Speed Centrifuge


TD4N low speed_edited.png

Product Features

  • Microprocessor control, High resolution LCD display with
    touch screen functions. Parameters (speed, RCF, time)in
    running can be edited and changed.

  • Program memory up to 100nos. It can store all the parameters automatically in operation, and can use directly when start up next time.

  • 10 Acceleration & 10 deceleration soft brake system.

  • Brush-less frequency motor with simpler construction, more
    reliable performance, longer life and quietly running.

  • Automatic lid lock, super speed, over temperature protection
    and imbalance protection. The centrifuge body is made of high
     quality steel, safe and reliable. 

  • Adapters are available by experiment requirements.

  • 3 tiers protection steel cover, safe and reliable

  • TUV CE EMC IEC 61010 certificate

Technical Parameters

TD4N tech.png

Matched Rotors for TD4N

TD4N matched rotors.png
TD4N mr pic_edited.png
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