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High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge



Product Features

  • Brushless motor with simpler construction, more reliable performance, longer life and quietly running.

  • Imported compressors fluorine free, double cycle cooling, cold and hot alternating easily, free environment pollution and precise in temperature control.

  • Microprocessor control, digital indicate speed, temperature and time etc, touch by panel, running parameters can be edited and changed to be RCF.

  • Automatically electric lid lock, super speed, over temperature protection and imbalance protection. The centrifuge body is made of high quality steel, safe and reliable.

  • Rotor is connected to spindle by specialized taper sleeve, loading simple and quick, no direction, safe and reliable.

  • There are several kinds of rotors for your choice, adapters can be designed by experimental requirements.

  • 3 tiers protection steel cover, safe and reliable.

Technical Parameters

Max speed: 16000rpm


Max RCF: 20600xg


Max volume: 6x100ml


Noise: ≤58dBA


Timer: 1~9h59min


Net weight: 82KG


Dimension(HxDxW): 608×570×380mm


Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ 10A


Speed accuracy: ±20rpm


Temperature accuracy:  ±1℃


Temperature range: -20~40℃


Package: Wooden box

Matched Rotors for TGL16

TGL16 p1.PNG
TGL16 p2.PNG
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