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Giemsa Stain


Intended Use

This kit is designed for the staining of blood cells, chromosomes and plasmodia.


Blood cell staining:Giemsa stain is a mixture of methylene blue and eosin. Methylene blue is alkaline, and eosin is acidic. Because each cell and its components are different in chemical composition, their affinities to acidic stain and alkaline stain of this kit vary significantly. Consequently, one can identify cells based on their staining color, shape and other physical characteristics.

Chromosome staining:It is also called G-banding (Giemsa banding). Within chromosome territories, chromatin with abundant adenine and thymine (AT-rich) is closely associated with histones and strongly affinity to and deeply stained with Giemsa stain. In contrast, less condensed chromatin, which tends to be rich with guanine and cytosine (GC-rich), incorporates less Giemsa stain, and these regions appear as light bands in G-banding.


1. Giemsa solution A

2. Giemsa solution B (10x concentration buffer)

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